Samstag, 13. April 2013

The History of Something Which is Parallel

There was a point this morning when I snapped my fingers and had another cup of cofffee...not the snapping of the fingers and magically a coffee appears, but the way a pre-coffee flash or bolt of electicity jammed me and the boost was good. A constant reminder that everything will be alright. It was beneficial, especially today.
Click, boom.
The damned record cover. Its one of the last steps. Perhaps its in me that when I finish the thing, then everything else I do will be of no importance; that saving the completion is a kind of prolonging of a certain way of life.
Do I fear completing the record cover? I think I do.
I hold it as one of the most important artworks I will ever do. Why?
There are numbers of reasons.
1. Its the first record.
2. It is an edition of 500. Once the graphic is sent in, there's no turning back.
3. Single-chair lift in Vermont.
4. Cheeseburger with teriyaki rice.
5. Big pile of tax free cash.
6. I've lost track.

This will not be the record cover, but I like it. (Note that the title of the record and the name of the
band are in vise-versa positions).

Not the Record Cover.

Montag, 2. April 2012

pril-spring-citreon-couscous jam

two shots from last nights couscous 'sound performance' at the bawag contemporary. shot B: the concert room shot A: chicken car key dang! things are just hoopin' and hollerin'round here. the weather is good in vienna at the moment...well, it just turned. getting a slight bit chilly here over the next days, but all in all it's fine to put the winter jacket to rest. shot C: HTL-Itzling, Salzburg Austria shot D: HTL-Itzling, Salzburg Austria shot E: HTL-Itzling, Salzburg Austria went to Itzling last week and spoke to some folks about the ca. 850 square meter jam on the ceiling of the overhang. I talked about the use of the wall-less studio space, the ballet of the construction site lifts we used to get to the surface of the ceiling...the method of putting the outstretched hand at the top of the head and stopping the extention of the lift when the pinkey hit the ceiling. that was our closeness to the surface, and it worked out. there wasn't much lying down and painting at all. this was done with graphite when done at all...with the graphite attatched to a 3 meter long stick for getting a general mark on the ceiling to establish a graphic center of balance as to the image in whole. painting while lying down would have been impractical and virtually impossible under the circumstances. they probably used to do that. we had a more slash-and-burn approach. quick. clean. move on. stop. anyhows...gots to gets my thing out of the thing. The track at the end is Blitnekoff ca. 1995.

Samstag, 17. März 2012

Just a few words about what's going on these days.

I have begun to speak to myself again
in a professional way. The heat is off in my studio now, so I can begin to feel good about things. A good friend of mine in Northampton, England, Mr. Paul Williams has been helping me with the soho in ottakring project this year. The project features many artists including photographer Andrew Phelps and filmmaker Crispin Glover. Many thanks to burning bridges. Right now I am frying up two hot dogs in gates bar-b-que sauce. looking forward to this. potato salad and a couple of laugenweckerl will accompany the hotdogs' journey through me. all pretty good stuff I'd say. And with a wash-down with Gröbi Grapefruit, everything's going to be pretty passt.

Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2012